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From 93rd End of the Indianapolis 500 is really just a bonus. Only a month ago, Castroneves was fighting for his life during a serious tax evasion case, they've got the popular driver behind bars for several years.Fortunately it went well for Castroneves in the process and he was of all charges. Now the only thing he fought for a third 500 Title.

"There are already very special," said Castroneves after leader in the Friday before the last training on Sunday the 93rd 500th edition of the Indy "Many of the course of the study, I was about, because the race is what I love. I wanted to be here. That was my wish, in these times."

The popular Castroneves, the sport and gradually over a mainstream following, thanks to its Dancing with the Stars win two years ago, the sentimental favorite to win, Sunday race.

The experience and the possibility that his livelihood and passion could be certainly changed the former Indy Car Series champion of the view on the big picture.

"I realized my life is still to be here," he said. "My perspective has become so much."

After the opening session of the race of the season in the trial, Castroneves came charging back, if he could get back behind the wheel and led a Penske Racing sweep of the first two starting spots for the race on Sunday.

He and teammate Ryan Briscoe will be on the front row after a performance which impressed team boss Roger Penske for many reasons.

"Thus, Helio, after all this time, come back and show everyone how good he really is - it was a thrill for me and obviously for him and all the people who are behind him for the last five or six months" Penske said. "I just want to personally congratulate him for a fantastic job."

Castroneves is not the only driver happy again at Indy. Another former winner and series champion returns to the Brickyard and also looking for a little redemption.

Dario Franchitti back in open wheel in the world this season after an aborted shot at NASCAR racing. The Scots found himself without a stick car ride, when team owner Chip Ganassi was forced to close one of its entries due to the lack of sponsorship Franchitti and suddenly found himself at a career crossroads.

But the way back to Indy Car racing open when Ganassi decided Franchitti a ride in his IRL-entry and replace another former 500 winner Dan Wheldon.

Franchitti is now among the favorites to win this year along with teammate and defending champion in the 500 Scott Dixon.

"I tried my child, I was not missing it," Franchitti said of his return to the wings less world. "But I could not.

"It is a blank slate. You also have here in the past, [but] there is no guarantee for success in this year. You have to prove himself again. And with a good month is only half the battle. You 've got to show on race day with the fast car, you are in a position to win the race. Then you are right to do everything on this whole day to do it, and you have a little luck as well. "

While Franchitti enjoys the luxury of the front of the other area on the back of the 33-car grid will need a little luck to end up further in the vicinity of the point.

This group includes John Andretti, who was his way to work in the field on the last Sunday of the last day of qualifying to give car owner Richard Petty his first career Indy 500 start.

The icon NASCAR star property in open wheel for the first time this season, and Andretti does not disappoint with the Petty Blue No. 43 in the 28th Place.

"To return here is, of course, especially," said Andretti, the jump from Indy cars to stock cars and on a somewhat regular basis in recent years. "And to be here with Richard's just a lot of fun and very exciting. I hope we can find the car to the front Sunday and be in a position to make this team a good end."

A happy ending is also Danica Patrick looks forward to a couple after disappointing 500 in the last two seasons.

The IRL lightning, hit the headlines this week with talk of a possible move to NASCAR when her contract expires at the Andretti-Green, but now she is concentrating and trying to fulfill their task to history as the first woman to win the Indianapolis 500.

"It is unlike any other title really, because it's the kind of place when the car is wrong, you can not make it go quickly," said Patrick. "You can not drive it over. You can not do it. If you do this, quickly get out of control the car and the track files. We will be here faster than anywhere else. I think it is really the only place that we go, that the nature of the trail is a little bigger and more powerful than you are. And I think that it is really something that you have to respect. "

"If the car is not good, do not believe that you are better, as it does not believe that it can overcome. I always think back to get the track very well. I feel happy that Indy is a place I had a good race here in the past and is fast. "


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