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Racing Mania - NASCAR needs continued success from Petty

Racing Mania -The only thing stranger than seeing Richard Petty drinking wine at Infineon Raceway victory on Sunday was to see Richard Petty in Victory Lane.

Petty has not visited Victory Lane as the winner since April 1999, when Small Business scored his last victory with John Andretti.

As Small Business slipped into oblivion, wallowing in mediocrity and become a last minute, many believed Petty, the undisputed king of Formula One, never win again.

And that probably would not have if it had continued to support small enterprises, together with its valuable piece to name just enough funding to keep the organization afloat floundering.

Small Enterprises, but died a slow death, with Small finally pulling the plug and put out of its misery at the end of last year.

NASCAR, the end of Small Business was lost as the patriarch of the family or a dear, old friend. It was a sad, sad day, but you knew that was coming, and then everybody was a little relieved because the struggle and suffering was finally over.

The fear, however, was that Petty himself, one of the most important figures in the history of NASCAR, could also disappear.

Small, but went on to greener pastures, throwing his name and marketing prowess behind the organization of the Sprint Cup George Gillett bought by Ray Evernham. And Gillett, owner of the majority, made a wise move, rename the team of Richard Petty Motorsports.

Suddenly, King was back in the framework of a functioning competitive again, and the movement gave him something he desperately needed - hope.

And the sport and gave her hope that the fans can see one day the King in the victory.

That happened with Kasey Kahne's victory in Sonoma, California, on Sunday, and was a glorious occasion, a fit for a king.

Kahne's victory was one of the most popular victories this season, Kahne is not because (although he is popular, too) that was delivered, but because the King brought back to his place - the sun in the glory of a Victory Lane celebration.

Richard Petty NASCAR needs in the spotlight. We need to front and center and in the thick of things.

After all these years, children remain the most recognizable names in car racing in America and arguably the most important figure in the history of NASCAR. Apart from the family of France, who founded the sport, there is a larger one. Little is who helped make the sport popular and decades taught drivers how to build and service a large base of fans.

At 72, Petty still the face of stock car racing, the name and image that even the most casual of fans all over the world associated with the sport.

Although small because very little capital for Gillett Evernham organization, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention the attention and exposure that his name and image of potential supply of funds.

He has become the figurehead of the organization, to attend all races, encouraging drivers and offer any advice and information.

And when one of the four teams to win, victory is in the use of his trademark cowboy hat and sunglasses, flashing his famous smile and attract wide attention and exposure.

See Petty, one of the largest models in the history of sport, in this context makes people happy. It is one of the few competitors and celebrities that are so good, nice and healthy so that you can not help but pull for him. When you win, everybody wins. And that makes Richard Petty Motorsports one of the largest sports organizations and Kahne drivers as one of its most famous stars.

Small Kahne NASCAR needs to win, like the Dale Earnhardt Jr. needs to win. Kahne, like Petty and Junior, has a large following, especially among fans. If it is a competitor, more people are watching.

If Richard Petty Motorsports and Kahne, driver carp are a threat to challenge the elite teams and drivers in the sport, and more fans - especially fans of NASCAR is so desperately trying to maintain - will be intrigued and excited by the action on the track.

Sunday's victory also was a big for Kahne. Has had an up and down career in recent years, winning six races in 2006 and then none in 2007. He won twice last season, but not to make the Chase for the second year.

With 10 career victories, which obviously has the talent to be a big winner, and probably will be. The question is where?

His contract with Gillett Small runs through next season, and is expected to be one of the major sports free agents.

Kahne said he would like to stay with the organization where he began his career in the Cup, but it depends on the performance of your computer.

Surprising victory on Sunday on a road course is a good sign. If RPM can continue to put a winning car under Kahne is likely to stay, giving the two valuable assets - and the driver of Petty elite. And that should mean a couple of trips to Victory Lane. - Racing Mania


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